We have two main catalogues of important music and we ain to make licensing from us easy and painless!!

Our catalogue of original recordings has been painstakingly assembled over the last 40 years. Recordings have been made in the U.S.A. and England (with Greece and Belgium along the way too). We have the finest in authentic Blues from Chicago, Texas and California with some of the greatest names having made exclusive albums that we control for the world-Buddy Guy, Jimmy Witherspoon, Professor Longhair, Roy Gaines and Jimmy Rogers are just a few examples.  The greatest of the newer blues generation also came to JSP-Joe Louis Walker, Larry Garner and Lucky Peterson for instance. There is Jazz from legends like Illinois Jacquet and Jay McShann, Cajun and Zydeco from Louisiana, Greek mountain music and modern Soul/Blues from acts like Deitra Farr, Johnny Rawls and Tamara Tramell. Many of our original recordings have the publishing associated with us so 'one stop' sync deals for film and tv media are possible.

We are also world renowned for our catalogue of classic 'Vintage' recordings. We pioneered the 'cleaning up' of old recordings utilising the best remastering engineers including the great pioneer John R T Davies.  This ensures that we have tracks available that are 'accessible' and 'listenable' for use by medern media and are acceptable to modern mainstream audiences and listeners.

Our material has been used in many films from Hollywood blockbusters to low budget indie productions as well as TV, adverts, online media and computer games.

Tracks are also available for CD compilations and a wide variety of international labels have used our recordings.

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